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As Rising Seas Erode Shorelines, Tasmania Shows What

As Rising Seas Erode Shorelines, Tasmania Shows What
Konstra is featured in the latest edition of the Business Journal (BJ), a leading weekly business periodical for the Cragetown, D.E. metropolitan area. Reporter, Carelyn K.Potter interviewed several Konstra leaders, including our Chairman and CEO, Bruce Dickson, the third-generation family leader, and talked about our company’s rich history of positively engaging in the communities where we work and live, the projects we build for our customers that contribute to local economies, and opportunities for good and challenging work.
/ Better Construction Management Software
Construction management software has steadily improved over the last few years, and many affordable packages are now available that bundle together software for bidding and estimating,
project management, change orders, scheduling, human resources, billing, accounting and more.
2019 will see more large and small companies making use of affordable integrated software solutions.
/ Use of Drones
Continuing into 2019 will be one of the hottest trends of recent years: the use of drones. Drones, unmanned aerial vehicles, are here to stay. Drones equipped wih cameras and other electronics can access remote locations, collect data, complete safety inspections, capture project progress and so much more. Surveyors use them to create 3d mapping or images that later can be used to depict an area. You can expect rules on usage of drones to begin clarifying as the FFA begins to refine regulations.
/ Sustainability
Closely related to green technology, sustainability can be defined as a broader policy of using methods and business models that make the world a better place. While "green" building practices are really focused mostly on reducing the carbon footprint of a particular construction project, sustainability has broader goals. Among the elements of sustainable construction practice:
• Preservation of the natural environment
• Efficient use of resources
• Promoting social progress and culture
“With costs of quality drones falling, usage will expand in 2019”
/ Green Design and Construction Technology
Also continuing into 2019 is the trend toward green design and technology in construction. Every construction project is expected to increase their participation through green design aiming towards the LEED certification. This trend, which started some years ago, will continue to rise in 2019. The essence of green design and construction is the effort to create resource-efficient and environmentally responsible construction projects. It includes every aspect of construction, including planning and design, demolition, and cleanup.

With 20 percent of global emissions directly attributable to the construction industry, green building practices can go a long way toward supporting, rather than harming, the environment—especially at a time when aging buildings make new construction so critical.

As was true in 2018, 2019 will also see more local aimed at fostering the green building trend.
For example, a sustainable construction project may feature building designs aimed at bringing natural light into the center of a building, thereby reducing electrical costs. Or, a building can be designed to reuse drain water from sinks to flush toilets. Some sustainable projects look to integrate existing structures into a new project, or to make use of recycled or repurposed building materials.

Increasing interest in sustainability by millennial consumers and clients will require forward-thinking construction companies to accommodate this trend in 2019.


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