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What Are the Symptoms of a Bad Air Compressor?

What Are the Symptoms of a Bad Air Compressor?
Your home air conditioner compressor plays a vital role in your air conditioning system. Its function is to raise both the pressure and temperature of the AC refrigerant when it’s still in vapor form, allowing the refrigerant to flow into the condenser and cool your home.

In other words, if your AC compressor isn’t working properly, your AC system won’t do you much good as it won’t be able to cool your home. Don’t worry if you’re not familiar with the signs of a failing compressor.

You can leave that to the AC experts. The symptoms of a failing compressor can be subtle and mistaken for other problems if an experienced technician is not involved in the diagnosis. However, this guide will help you better identify when your compressor isn’t working or is on the verge of breaking down. The following are some of the key signs of a failing compressor.
/ How to Tell if Home AC Compressor is Bad
It’s worth noting that fixing an AC compressor requires the right set of tools, knowledge, and experience. Don’t assume you can address the problem yourself if you notice these warning signs. To get your AC back up and running, you need assistance from qualified professionals.

Specifically, you should contact our experts if you notice:
/ Warm Air Coming from Unit
If a compressor won’t turn on at all, that means it needs professional attention. You can quickly determine this is occurring by referring to the manufacturer’s instructions for your AC system to identify where the compressor is located.

Turn the AC on. Make sure the fan is blowing, then check the part of the system where the compressor can be found. If you don’t hear any noise indicating it’s in operation, that’s a surefire sign it isn’t turning on at all.

That’s not to say a compressor is functioning properly merely because it turns on. Even if it sounds as though it’s working, that may not be the case.

For instance, an air conditioner that appears to be blowing warm air when it should be blowing cool air indicates the compressor isn’t allowing the AC refrigerant to flow as it should be. Call the Easy A/C team when this happens for prompt attention.


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